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Project Spotlight

Good-Win Racing
San Diego, CA
(858) 775-2810

Project Overview: When Brian Goodwin of Good-Win Racing made the decision to enlarge his business to add a retail space, he chose to team up with a trusted colleague, Rocky Murphy of Rocky’s Miatomotive, and share a building. Each company has its own work areas, and the office/retail room is shared space.

Brian and Rocky wanted to create a friendly and bright room that provides a nice space for Rocky’s customers to wait while their cars are being serviced and promotes sales from Good-Win’s Mazda performance parts. Good-Win customers have the best of both worlds; they can see the retail displays and use the Internet station to browse online products. Small, but smartly designed, the space incorporates the needs and wants of both businesses in one 300-square-foot room.
SMART services: space planning, custom interior design, retail display design and graphic design coordination


Good-Win Before Images Good-Win Before Images


Good-Win Before Images Good-Win Before Images Good-Win Before Images Good-Win Before Images